An intimate and exclusive hotel near Bangkok, Thailand


Shandor B., creator of
The Bohemian’s Residence

‘‘I have decided to leave you
  the keys to my home…’’

From the plane, my private home (located not far from Bangkok, between Uthai Thani and Ayutthaya) emerges from the large alluvial plains, and winding rivers set between temples and hills. A gorgeous, unique and comfortable residence, here you can expect the very best Thai hospitality.

Accessible only by private boat, it lies over the water’s edge. This serene oasis represents the true essence of everything I love about Asia, and now dear guest I am pleased to invite you to experience this dream of mine for yourself.

An exclusive and unique concept

The Bohemian’s Residence is not really a hotel as it does not offer a room for a night. It is also neither a luxury resort nor a glamorous villa like the ones found in travel brochures.

Rather, it is an exclusive place for the curious traveller that wishes to spend a few days discovering a rarer side of Thailand whilst simultaneously melting into a fascinating and authentic region, replete with the most personalised and exclusive service.



Thai immersion

If it seems tempting to pass one’s entire reprieve tucked away in the cocoon of this private residence, it would nevertheless be a shame not to witness its nearby surroundings. Laden with traditional customs and wonderful landscapes, the village and the banks of the Tachin River will plunge you into a unique universe.

A fascinating region to behold

The rich architectural heritage of centuries-old Ayutthaya, and the intriguing village-market of Sam Chuck and floating houses in Uthai Thani are just some of the numerous places to explore around The Bohemian’s Residence. Step back into the days of yesteryear with a visit to see them with your personal guide.

Rice… and birds!

‘‘In the water there are fish, in the field there is rice.’’
This famous expression by King Ramakhamhaeng was how he viewed and defined the richness of his kingdom. But did you know that this bucolic environment is also home to thousands of exotic birds, which can be seen from around this residence?

Voyage in excellence

Whilst the experience at The Bohemian Residence is unique, there are also other enchanting places with similar services to be found in other Southeast Asian countries, and also India. All of these addresses feature the Secret Retreats signature.


Bohemian's residence

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