An intimate and exclusive hotel near Bangkok, Thailand

The story behind Bohemian
can be summarised with a very personal belief:
a hotel should not take, but rather enrich a place.

At the beginning,

I have been wandering in Thailand and around Bangkok for a long time, always with an urge and buried dream to find a unique waterfront place that combines calm with authenticity. My motto was these words by Nietzsche:

If we affirm one single moment,
we thus affirm not only ourselves but all existence.

Precious materials are also found in our dishes, locally crafted earthenware, and cushions and curtains from the illustrious Jim Thompson (industrial American who aimed to revive the Thai silk industry).

Sensitive to sustainable development, we are very attentive to water treatment and participate in maintaining the river to keep it beautiful and attractive. We also help support the local village’s school.

So I said ‘Yes !’

One evening under a starry night sky, I succumbed to this place’s charms. My quest began when I was following step by step alongside the Tachin River, a Thai legend from the 16th century: a love story about a queen who sacrificed herself on her elephant during a battle in order to save her husband.

So I sailed, and stop after stop I enriched my imagination until the day I knew it was there. Living in the West at the time, I finally understood that dreams are there to be realised, otherwise why bother? To illustrate, The Bohemian Residence began with local artisans who patiently rebuilt the new residence using the materials and precious wooden remains from the old site (see pictures above). This is how The Bohemian’s Residence was born.

The Barber

Thailand has brought me almost everything in life—love, spirituality, a treasured Zen outlook on life, which is Buddhism in its ultimate form. I thought about how I could showcase all that is precious about Thailand to others. The idea came to me after I contemplated just how difficult the lives of some villagers are and how money for even the smallest thing is expensive for them. For this reason, right next to The Heritage House, I have set up a small barber/hairdresser shop that offers free haircuts and hot shaves to children, local students, and residents of The Bohemian’s House.

Inhale the delicious smells of soap, shaving foam, and warm scented towels. Enjoy a hot shave or haircut overlooking the water edge under a bright blue sky…the story continues…


Bohemian's residence

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