An intimate and exclusive hotel near Bangkok, Thailand

The 2 residences
The Private Lodge & The Heritage House

Here, there is no protocol,

The residence comprises two separate and private entities,
The Private Lodge
and The Heritage House.



Bright bathrooms and a swimming pool with black granite tiles in the heart of the tropical garden, where one can hear the echo of the murmuring river, complete the serene space.

Under the moonlight, when all is harmonious, The Private Lodge’s simplicity and grace provides a unique sense of wellbeing.

The Private Lodge

Enjoy the surroundings from the large open wooden deck at The Private Lodge. From the outset one is struck by the dark tones of the century old teak wood, which was salvaged from old houses, (see the history of the residence) to emphasise the dreamy poetry of space.

For our contractor, building is an art and he patiently fashioned it according to age-old standards, including flared roof tiles, glazed canopies, and detailed woodwork.

Nestled amid nature, The Private Lodge features two sumptuous suites and a shared common living room. The Chevalier Chaumont suite and the Chuan Ratanarak suite can accommodate four people plus children. The contemporary table, chandeliers and sconces were custom-made for The Bohemian Residence.

More intimate, The Heritage House is ideal for a couple (with or without children). A serene domain, the suite offers all the modern comforts with naturals hues and aromatic scents from the forest.

The Heritage House

Arriving by boat, you will see the tiled terracotta roof, akin to the beautiful awnings on the Buddhist temples in the region. Overlooking the river and surrounded by a tropical garden filled with orchids, I wished to adorn this place with colonial accents.

Amid sweet fragrances, a swimming pool emerges from the colourful backdrop. It features a large bathroom with a Victorian bath, and a relaxing and spacious lounge that overlooks the river. Designed with beautiful materials, The Heritage House is adorned with natural tones to complement the brown timber and surrounding hills. In the evening, leaning on the balustrade, one feels like you are truly in the very heart of Siam…

The Rooms

If you are just two people, you may select the room you want. The other room will remain open/unoccupied, but we ask you to kindly only use the room that you have chosen. If you have a child, regardless of age, you may use the two rooms at your convenience.

Whilst enjoying complete privacy and freedom, there are nevertheless certain rules to follow. The river’s proximity requires increased vigilance with children. The same applies for the swimming pool (1.50 m deep) and requires special attention from parents. Please note that the riverbanks are not monitored, nor is the sala (a peaceful shelter for travellers and meeting place for Buddhist monks and villagers on various occasions).

In keeping with the old charm of the place, discrete technologies include control of indoor and outdoor lights, and air conditioning. There is a Bose music system, Apple technology and wireless broadband. Televisions do not seem necessary. Emergency phone numbers are available to contact the housekeeper, staff, owners, and guide.

your residence :

• Your private villa features 2 suites with River Views. Each 81 sqm suite is separated by a 45 sqm living area.

The entire interior measures 210sqm with a 150 sqm outdoor terrace for a total of 350 sqm of space (not including the garden and swimming pool)

• A 47 sqm (13,5 m x 3,5 m) swimming pool

• 4 sqm high ceilings

• A discreet, in-house housekeeper

• A boat for transfers and excursions

• A private guide who resides close to the residence is at your disposal during the entire length of your stay

• Each suite is adorned differently and features modern comforts with Asian touches with furniture that was specially designed for the residence


Bohemian's residence

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