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A unique feeling of hospitality…

You have discovered a new ideal accommodation during your stay at The Bohemian’s Residence … but did you know that a little further past our borders that there are other places in Asia that offer the same comfort and services?

During my travels around Asia, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with others that have establishments that offer the same sense of well-being and privileged hospitality. In order to label these almost secret addresses, I created the Secret Retreats signature brand name. I did so in order to offer luxury and elegance amidst the wonders and mysteries of Asia.

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A 1-hour flight from Bangkok, experience a memorable tour of the world-famous temples at Angkor Wat, and a sojourn at Samar Villas & Spa Resort.

A haven of refined wellness, and bathed in a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere, it is just 1km from the famous archaeological site.


Depart for the magnificent country of Laos, and marvel at its majestic mountains in the north at Muang La Lodge.

Meet numerous ethnic tribal people, and indulge in the natural hot spring water that is emitted from under the river. Unforgettable moments filled with perspective…

Bali & Java (Indonesia)

Finish your voyage by flying to Bali, the Island of the Gods to discover the tropical gardens with the Mathis Collection (Villamathis & Kenanga).

The intimate, and upscale hotels are situated in both Seminyak and Ubud, with a third location in Amed coming soon.

Northern Thailand

A work in progress, Kalapas is a new establishment is currently in the midst of construction in Chiang Mai, in the northern part of Thailand in the Golden Triangle.

This address will be the ideal complement to your sojourn at the residence, ideal for those wishing to continue their discovery of Thailand in the north. Discover it soon!


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