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The surroundings
Local attractions near the residence

Facing the river,

the sun rises up over a small hill and continues its journey during the day over The Bohemian Residence. If you choose not to take an excursion to see one of the attractions in the region, nor wish to spend the entire day lazing around the swimming pool, then it is time to discover the local area!

Throughout the year, the rice plants will be either short or tall and green or gold in colour. During your strolls, you may wish to stop to learn more about the lives and customs of the local villagers with your guide.  Depending on the season and time of day, you will also be able to witness the rice farmers at work in the paddy fields, gardens and orchards, and see how they dry out fruit and make traditional cakes.

A typical day
at The Bohemian Residence

If you wish, you can wake up before dawn and participate in the daily alms ceremony held right next to the residence. Witness the procession of monks donning saffron coloured robes and silk umbrellas, as they offer up their alms bowl so that the villagers (and you if you wish) can place rice into their bowl as an offering. Afterwards, you may wish to go back to sleep, or go for a swim in your swimming pool before breakfast.

Why not stop at a tavern to taste a local Thai soup or snack mid-morning? Walk or bike ride around the village and explore the paths along the rice paddy fields here in the heart of the country’s rice bowl.

Go fishing for some famous river prawns, then learn how to cook authentic Thai food.

In the afternoon have a snack, work out at the gym and play petanque. Head to your private jetty to take your boat up the river along the peaceful banks to see the houses and temples. Stop at one of the temples where your guide can help you start a conversation with the monks.

If you prefer to just stay “at home” enjoy a fruit juice or tea and relax, or step out to learn more about the life, activities and customs of the local villagers.


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